The Simple Website Hack to 4x Your Leads in 2024


At Visions Creative, we’re always looking for innovative ways to boost our clients’ lead generation. Recently, we came across an incredibly effective method that helped a rehab center quadruple their leads using one simple strategy. Before discovering this approach, the center struggled to connect meaningfully with potential clients. Their methods were so off-putting that they barely made any headway. Today, we’re excited to share this technique with you, explain how it works, and show you how you can implement it yourself in just a few minutes.

The Problem

Most companies either write their websites themselves or outsource the task to someone who doesn’t deeply understand their customers. This often results in a major disconnect—like a toddler writing a manual for nuclear warheads. The content sounds more like a sales pitch than a conversation, talking at customers instead of engaging with them. Consequently, potential clients visit these sites and leave without engaging or clicking the “Get Started” button because they don’t feel understood.

The Solution: Voice of Customer Messaging

The trick lies in using the right words—specifically, the words your target audience uses. Sandra Bey, a website conversion copywriter, explains that using the language your customers use can significantly increase engagement. When you articulate their problems or reflect their feelings in their own words, they feel understood and are more likely to engage with your site.

Why It Works

Marketing professionals call this technique “voice of customer messaging,” and it’s been proven effective time and time again. Research shows that when people communicate using the same words and style, they understand each other better and can be more persuasive. This concept, known as language style matching, is a powerful tool.

For instance, the rehab center initially used the headline “Your Addiction Ends Here.” This generic headline did not resonate with their audience and was largely ignored. After conducting research and discovering the real words that rehab patients used, they changed their headline to “If you think you need rehab, you do.” This small change led to a 400% increase in clicks and inquiries.

Implementing Voice of Customer Messaging

Step 1: Gather Customer Language

To find the right words, you need to listen to your customers. While interviews are ideal, there’s an easier way to gather this information: online reviews. By scouring sites like Yelp for reviews of your business and your competitors, you can identify common phrases and sentiments.

Step 2: Use ChatGPT for Efficient Research

Keeping track of common phrases manually can be challenging. This is where technology comes in handy. Tools like ChatGPT can browse the internet in real time, making it easier to analyze large volumes of reviews quickly. Here’s a powerful prompt to use with ChatGPT:

I want to use voice of customer messaging on my website to increase conversions. To do that, I need you to analyze lots of real customer reviews of [your niche/industry] for commonalities, including common phrases, words, sentiments, and ideas that appear the most. Organize these commonalities into rough answers to these four questions:

1. When did you realize you needed a product or service like ours?
2. What problem does our product or service lessen or fix for you?
3. Did you consider any alternatives to buying or working with us?
4. What concerns or hesitations did you have before you decided to buy or work with us?

Deliver in the following format: commonalities that answer all four questions, followed by a list of the most common phrases.

Step 3: Integrate Findings into Your Website

Once ChatGPT provides a summary, you can ask it to incorporate these talking points into your website text. Ensure the new text is in bold so you can easily review and refine it. Copy the text from your site, paste it into ChatGPT one page at a time, and let it optimize the content.

Real Results

After implementing voice of customer messaging, Beachway Rehab Center saw a 400% increase in leads within a week. However, words alone aren’t enough to turn site visitors into paying customers. There’s a simple website blueprint that can further enhance your results, which many businesses overlook.

Visions Creative is committed to helping you connect more effectively with your audience and achieve your business goals. By understanding and using your customers’ language, you can create a website that truly resonates and drives conversions.

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