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Professional MS Excel Dashboard Design: Dynamic KPIs, Charts, and Graphs

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Service Description

About this Service:

Being experienced MS Office Certified Professionals, we will create Dynamic and Interactive MS Excel Dashboards so you can see updates and make quick decisions via the informed Charts and Graphs.

Dashboards help you get more information from your data. Whether you are looking for slow-moving goods in your inventory, overdue receivables or payables, loss-making customers, best-performing customers, or best-performing product segments, we can help you get there fast. Our designed MS Excel Dashboards give you fast access to the right information so you can make decisions on time.

Types of Dashboards:

1. Financial Trends Dashboards
2. Marketing and Revenue Tracking Dashboards
3. Sales Performance and Tracking Dashboards
4. Social Media Analytics Dashboards
5. KPIs based Dashboards
6. Monthly/Periodic Reports Tracking

Why Us?

1. Data Visualization, Data Analysis
2. Customized Excel Dashboards
3. Interactive and Dynamic Design
4. Formatting, Conditional Formatting
5. InfoGraphic Charts/Graphs
6. Buttons, Drop-down Lists, Menu
7. Slicers
8. Fully Editable
9. On-Time Delivery

To get started, we need:

1. Excel File or other types of files Containing Data
2. Number of KPIs required
3. Number of Graphs/Charts/Tables required
4. Whether linking with External Sheets is required or not
5. Company Logo or Name if any to display on Dashboard
6. Anything else necessary to incorporate

Program: Excel

Scope of this service: 5 KPIs Dashboard with working on up to 5 Sheets

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